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Our primary investment strategy is looking for arbitrage opportunities, by identifying and capitalizing on inefficient pricing of different financial instruments. By arbitraging out often very tiny price differences we add liquidity to the markets and contribute to the overall efficiency of those markets.

Our arbitrage operation was set up in 2010, and has grown rapidly since this time, with well-established teams in Trading, Information Technology and Business Operations. We trade on a range of markets, including foreign exchange, options and futures, and always make the most of any emerging opportunities in the derivatives market. We trade all the major foreign exchange indices. To be the best in the market we continuously develop state-of-the-art software, and source the most advanced technology. We are so serious about IT that, today, we have one IT developer for every one trader.

At Arbicap, we undertake the complex task of balancing calculated risk with long-standing experience, to make smart and profitable trades today – and into the future.

  • trades on all major markets
  • has never had a losing year
  • does not have any clients
  • trade only for its own risk, with its own capital
  • recruits all over the world to select the best and the brightest candidates to join our team