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A great trader is analytical, reacts quickly and is good with numbers. When the markets are open, everyone is 100% focused on the task at hand. When the markets are closed, our focus shifts to improving our trading strategies and systems. It’s all about getting the right blend, we offer a genuine work-life balance and it’s one of the things that makes working here so rewarding.


Screen Traders (Market Makers) provide bids and offers to the financial market on-screen. When someone places an order to buy or sell, the majority of the time it will be a Screen Trader on the other side providing the price.

Wholesale Trading

A Wholesale Trader trades in the Wholesale market. They maintain key international relationships and trade high volumes over the phone.


Our Research department is about improving current trading algorithms and developing new ones. They share ideas with traders (and vice versa) and play a crucial role in maintaining and improving our strong status among the world’s leading proprietary trading firms.